Perios Region Map

Alk Island and Ono Island are beyond the northwestern coast of Perioland. Alk Island is a hot volcanic land.  Many eons ago it was connected to the Alk Coast but it split away in a tremendous Perioquake.  Alk Island is the home of the Alkali clan who are similar to the Alkalina. Alk Island is also close to Ono Island, home of Hydi.
The Alk Coast is a volcanic land in the far western region of Perioland. It is has many volcanos, lava pots and molten salt pots, toxic vapors and hot geyser fumes. It is the homeland of the Alkalina clan.   Many Perios avoid this region as the Alkalina can be very unpredictable.
The Metran Plain is the largest region in Perioland.  It is a wide open expanse with broad vistas and beautiful grasses, lakes and trees. Underneath the plain are deep caverns, mines and tunnels. The Metran Plain is the home of the Metrans, the largest Perio clan.  They live on and under the plain.
The Airy Plateau is a lush and fertile land that rises east of the Metran Plain along the north coast. It has lush wet forests and wetlands.   This region is shared by three very important Perio clans for life on Earth, the Casils, Pinigs and Chalcos.   Their members include Carbo, Nitro and Oxyn.
The Vapor Mountains are very high mountains along the far eastern coast of Perioland.  They are constantly misty and cloudy in the north, and in the south they have eroded away by the Highland branch of the Perio River, with the exception of Rad Mountain.  Rad Mountain is still considered part of the Vapor Mountains  but is separated by the Highland Branch Valley.  The Vapor Mountains is shared by two very different clans, the Halogens and Aerogens.
The Highlands is an unusual region of Perioland because it is shared by many of the Perio clans. It is the region east of the Metran Plain and south of the Airy Plateau and Vapor Mountains.  Members of the Casil, Pinig, Chalco, Halogen, and Aerogen clans all have homes in the Highlands.  This makes the area strange and surprising because you never know the kind of Perio you may meet there. There are even areas of the Highlands that have yet to be explored.  New Perios have been discovered in this region.
Actlant Island is a large island just south of the Perio mainland.  It is the home of two clans. The Actins and the Lanterns.  At first the island appears beautiful crystalline and barren, but this land is full of Perios.  Many of these Perios have unusual and rad powers.  Most Actins and Lanterns are rarely seen.