Clan M (Transition)

The Metran clan is the largest in all Perioland. There are twenty-nine (29) members of this clan. Some Metrans are very strong, some have great electrical powers, and some are very precious. Metrans frequently merge and make pacts with other Metrans and other Perios. Metrans live on the Metran Plain, a beautiful wide open expanse of Perioland.

Metrans live on the Metran Plain which stretches from the northern to the southern coasts of Perioland. On the east it borders Boral Bay and the Perio River and to the west lies the Alk Coast. The Metran Plain is the largest region of Perioland and the Metrans are the largest clan. This does not include the Actins and Lanterns who some consider as Metrans too. There are also still unknown and newly emerging Metrans which exist in the universe and are just finding their way home.

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Scandi Yttri Pal Titan Zirc Hafy Coby Vandis Tanta Chrome Mango Ferra Coby Nic Cupri Zin Nioby Moly Techny Rhody Ruth Cadum Merc Argent Aura Osmi Iri Plat Wolfy Rhe Ruther Dubs Seaborg