Rare Earth Clan (L)

The Lanterns are a large unusual clan who now live in the Lantern region of Actlant Island. They call their home Lant Land. The Lanterns originally lived in the southernwestern Metran plain, north of the Perio River, but long ago the clan moved to Actlant Island. There are fifteen members of this big family. This clan is also called the Rare Earths. The Lanterns share the island with the Actin clan.

The Lanterns live on the northern shores of Actlant Island. The fifteen Lanterns are Ceri, Dyspro, Erbi, Eura, Gado, Holms, Lanth, Lute, Neody, Prasi, Prometh, Sama, Terbo, Thuli, and Ytterb.

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Lanth Ceri Prasi Neody Prometh Sama Eura Gado Terbo Dyspro Holms Erbi Thuli Ytterb Lute