Clan 0 (0)

The Aerogen clan is the most stable in all Perioland. There are six (6) members of the Aerogen clan. Sometimes they are called the "Noble Vapors". Aerogens rarely make pacts with other Perios. However, they offer force fields and protection for many Perios against more aggressive clans such as their neighbors the Halogens. They can also provide light when needed. All of the Aerogens are vapors , which means they are able to travel very fast across Perioland and on Earth. One of the Aerogens, Rad, is a radical (radioactive). The family sign of the Aerogens is 0.

The Aerogen Clan of Perios live in the Vapor Mountains and near the Rad Mountain volcano along the eastern coast of Perioland. The six members of this clan are Argo, Helen, Kryp, Neo, Rad, and Xen. All of these Perios are vapors.

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