Perios Clan Map

The Alkali clan are energetic and constantly trying to make pacts with other Perios.  There are seven (7) members of this clan, including their distant cousin Hydi. They are also closely related to the Alkalina clan.
The Alkalina live on the far western shores of Perioland along the Alk Coast. Alkalinas are friendly and bubbly.  They like to form pacts with other Perios. Alkalina are closely related to Alkali  who live on Alk Island and certain Metrans who live on the western edge of the Metran Plain.
The Boral clan shares many traits of the Metrans and the Casils, their eastern neighbors.  Borals have many unusual powers, some Borals are light and strong, others have strange magnetic and light powers.
The Metran clan is the largest in all Perioland.  There are twenty-nine (29) members of this clan. Some Metrans are very strong, some have great electrical powers, and some are very precious. Metrans frequently merge and make pacts with other Metrans and other  Perios.  Metrans live on the Metran Plain, a beautiful wide open expanse of Perioland.
The Pinig clan lives on the Airy Plateau and Highland regions of Perioland. The Pinigs are unique because some members of the clan are very different from other clan members. For example, Nitro is the only natural vapor of the five Pinig members.
The Casils are an unusual clan with some family members that share traits of their neighbors the Borals. Other members are similar to Metrans. The Casil family sign is IV.  There are five (5) members of this clan.
The Chalco clan has some traits like the Perios of the Vapor Mountains and some like their neighbors the Pinigs. The Chalcos have a member, Oxyn, that is very important to life on Earth. It is also the only natural vapor in the clan.
The Halogen clan is one of the most active and agressive clans in Perioland.  When free to roam from their home in the Vapor Mountains they like to make pacts with other Perios.  Halogens are the opposite of their closest neighbors, the Aerogens.
The Aerogen clan is the most stable in all Perioland.  There are six (6) members of the Aerogen clan. Sometimes they are called the
The Actin clan are rad power Perios that live on the beautiful red crystal  side of Actlant Island. There are fifteen (15) members of the Actin clan.  The most famous Actin is Uri.  Most of the other Actins are rarely seen on Perioland or Earth.
The Lanterns are a large  unusual clan who now live in the Lantern region of Actlant Island. They call their home Lant Land.   The Lanterns originally lived in the southernwestern Metran plain, north of the Perio River, but long ago the clan moved to Actlant Island.  There are fifteen members of this big family. This clan is also called the Rare Earths. The Lanterns share the island with the Actin clan.