Perio Activity Learning Kit!

Thank you for your interest in Perios – The Elemental Quest. Perios is a concept game and exhibit series developed to teach children the basic building blocks of chemistry and have fun too. To do this, we have created interesting fictional characters called Perios, which are named for the elements in the Periodic Table. For example, Carbo, is named for Carbon. The characters have symbols, signs, traits, and powers that are similar to the elements they represent. The Perios belong to clans that match the vertical valence column "Group" of the Periodic Table. The clans live in different regions of the fictional Perioland.

The Perios team is now offering world class learning exhibits and activities for science centers, children’s museums and schools. The Periodic Table of Elements is a difficult concept to introduce to young visitors while maintaining their interest. The Periosworld project offers a fun, entertaining, and creative presentation of fundamental concepts of chemistry.

Perios activities are designed to provide a positive enjoyable learning experience with children’s initial introduction to the periodic table and the elements. By having fun and becoming comfortable with seeing the Perios and the periodic table, students may be less intimidated with chemistry lessons when they are introduced at a later grade level. Our goal is for all children to know the Periodic Table of Elements when they finish grade school.

The objectives of Perios learning activities are:
To introduce the periodic table of elements layout
To become familiar with the elements of the periodic table
To begin to learn the relationship between the elements and table groups (clans)
To like the periodic table and elements
To learn characteristics of the elements

  • Element Name – Perio nickname and full name
  • Element Symbol
  • Element Group - Perio Clan
  • Atomic Weight - Perio Atno
  • Properties - Perio Powers

The Perios Activity Kit includes

  • 106 Perio Roundup Poster Cards (1/4 page laminated card stock)
  • 200 Perio Round Tally Sheets (plus master sheets)
  • 300 Perios character stickers (more available upon request)
  • Periodic Table of Perios Puzzle game

Perios CD containing the latest versions of the Perios games and story:

  • Perios – The Elemental Quest Game
  • PerioPop – A chemistry puzzle game
  • Hydi Gets an X-Ray – The first animated Perios storybook
  • Perio Roundup – The perio hunt collector app

Plus 4 Perios Posters (24” x 36”):

  • Perios Roundup Poster
  • Periodic Table of Perios Poster
  • Perios Logo Poster
  • Periosworld Poster

Perio Roundup – A chemistry scavenger hunt

  • 1. Hide the mini-Perio posters throughout your facility.
  • 2. Give the students a Perio tally sheet and watch them have fun.
  • 3. Stickers are awarded for participants. More if they complete the levels.
  • 4. Add additional rounds by asking them to find special perios or groups
  • 5. Use the mini-Perio posters as flash cards too!